zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Marry the night

My first serious stab at night photography. Again, an assignment in my photography course. I remember mucking about with night photography when I first started out with photography. Needless to say that wasn't a big succes because my camera was crappy and I didn't even own a tripod. Mission impossible right there. Night photography requires a lot more patience and skills than err, day photography. First it's a bit frustrating and it takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it a little it's just as awesome as "regular" photography. Plus you can experiment a lot with lighting and slow shutterspeed. Definitely something I'm gonna try out more in the future. I'll share the ones I think were the best and one with a bit of experimentation.

I can't help but think of "Back to the future" when I look at pictures with these kinds of lights in them. I've said it once and I will say it many times again: "ROADS?! Where we're going we don't need "roads"!

I also tried writing my name in the air with a little light but it's not all that clear that my name is actually "Naomi". Not too bad for a first try though, right? :-D

Next time I'll try some poetry. Tell me what your favorites are!

Hope you enjoyed my pictures!

zondag 7 oktober 2012

Imitation of life

Long time no post! I will be posting more regularly on this blog now, since I started my photography course and I'm forced to take pictures at least once a week. I've been having the greatest time and am thoroughly enjoying the assignments. This weeks assignment is "still life" and I wanted to share some pictures! Let me know which one is your favorite! It was quite a challenge for me, as I'm more of a nature photographer. I  capture things as they are most of the time, so really creating a complete picture was a little more difficult but also a lot of fun! It keeps me thinking outside of the box.

Thank you!