maandag 29 augustus 2011

Sea and Sand

Me and my boy went to the beach last weekend. While the weather wasn't really beachweather (by which I mean sunbathing, having fun in the sea and reading a nice book in the sun), it was pretty cloudy and a little cold but we still had a lovely time and I took some amazing photo's, if I may say so myself! After taking pictures we went to a little restaurant by the seaside and had some salad, french fries and croquettes. For those of you who don't know what the hell those are, they're pretty common and a typical dutch food here. It's a fried food roll, containing mashed potatoes or minced meat or both. If it's done well, I love it! Especially after a couple of hours in the cold. While the weather wasn't perfect for some romantic beach time I had a wonderful time with my boyfriend and I'm so glad that the weather didn't spoil our afternoon! Now for the pictures!:

My piece de resistance:
So proud!
I think I will post my pictures in two posts because I still have quite a lot and the pictures might sink in better if there's not a shitload of them in one batch. :-D I'm savind some awesome pictures for the next post, trust me!
Thank you!

maandag 22 augustus 2011

Stray cat strut

A couple of weeks ago, we found two stray kittens by the side of the road, not older than 5 weeks or so. No mother, no caretakers and they looked absolutely horrible and were really sick so we took them to the vet as fast as we could. They seemed to be getting better but a few days later, they both died. I just kept thinking that if someone would've cared just as much as we did and brought them to a vet a little earlier they might've made it. Those kittens were sitting there for a while (my mom told me afterwards that she saw them sitting there a week or so before, too bad she forgot to tell me...) and there were people walking by, cars driving by and nobody took the time to take care of those little animals. I'm glad we did but I'd rather have someone else do it a little earlier. Sniffles.

The vet told us that he already had a little stray kitten that was sick too but was getting better and asked us if we knew someone that might want to adopt the little cutie. So now my dad and his girlfriend have a little kitten! I'm glad we got to find a good home for her! They named her 'Pebbles' and she's a real sweetheart. Very playful and young of course but she also really loves to cuddle. Since she didn't get a lot of motherlove (her mother was probably run over) she really looks for bodyheat and soft bodyparts to knead in, like kittens do in their mothers belly when they want to drink milk. When she's tired she likes to be cuddled and have some milk, they got her a little baby bottle that's made for tiny animals. Also, this is the sad part, when she's tired and wants something to suck on (like the nipple from her mother) she starts sucking her own paw. It's so sad, I hear her making the exact same noises and see her making the exact same movements that a kitten would normally do when being fed by the mother. I always want to hug her and give her lots of love when I see her but when she's not in the mood she won't hesitate to give you a slap :-D. She's got some problems with her sight and she doesn't have good depth perception, which is really funny and kind of sad when you're playing with her. Like, when you wiggle your finger in the air she won't know exactly where to catch your finger. Same on the ground, she will try to catch your finger but when she notices your finger isn't where she thought it would be it scares the hell out of her and she quickly jumps backwards, only to try again a few seconds later. I love kittens! So here she is!

I'm sure she's going to be a beautiful cat when she's all grown up!

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Autumn kicked in a little early this year

Thanks to the cold, wet weather our garden seems to think it's autumn already. Pretty depressing that I took these picture early august. Luckily the weather turned around for the good this week, hopefully we can have a bit of summer after dreadul june and july. Though the weather was awful, it got me a lot of wonderful subjects to take pictures of! I love mushrooms and while I look at these pictures I think of little fairies and gnomes living under there, as my love for videogames and fantasy taught me ;-). No worries, I don't actually believe in that sort of thing but it's fun to fantasize about when you're taking pictures of the tiny world that lives under our feet. We don't take notice of that little world all that often, while it's quite a beautiful, magical one! Even without gnomes and fairies.

I'm probably putting my clothing/fashion stuff on a different blog. This is supposed to be my photography blog and I feel a little weird mixing those two together. If people want to see my art I want this to be the place and I'll make a new blog for my fashion stuff!

maandag 15 augustus 2011

Come sail away with me

This outfit is terribly uncolorful for my taste, isn’t it? I still love it though! The top is amazing and I feel most comfortable wearing this top with something simple like a black legging. Since the volume is up top too I feel better having the bottom volumeless. Though I can’t claim I don’t have enough volume bottom wise,WINK WINK. :-D

Well, our shopping spree last saturday went glorious! I will make a post with ALL the things me and my boy bought because his new stuff is pretty fashionable too, our new wintercoats even match :-D. But that'll be tonight, I think.  I can say that he bought 3 or 4 leather jackets for 3 euro a piece.

Yeah, that's freaking insane, I know! I don't have a reason to go shopping in any other stores anymore (except for shoes and accesories) because T2 has this sale every single month. If I can get beautiful stuff for 3-5 euro a piece instead of 20 euro than I sure as hell will! My boyfriend used to hate shopping because of the overwhelming big ass stores like H&M, he could never find his way through the store but now that I brought him to the vintage store he actually WANTS to go shopping and he enjoys it! Hallelujah! :-D

And the best part is: there are THREE T2 stores in Antwerp, no more that 2 kilometers or so apart! All the same sales, other types and styles of clothing but all awesome! Another good thing about this is that we're re-using clothes instead of buying new stuff, so it's good for the environment too! Here's my outfit for the day, the top was bought at Think Twice, of course! And my boyfriend was being a sweetheart and made me a Triforce sandwich! Aww!

While I was taking pictures I noticed this tiny little broken egg, in light blue! So magical and beautiful, I wonder what kind of bird came out of this pretty little egg!