woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Let my love open the door

Don't have a lot to say today! This is an outfit I wore last week and I took the pictures just after I came from the hairdresser, explaining the little hairs that might show on some pictures. I made the shirt myself and I think it looks pretty awesome actually! Cool with the skirt too, the way this skirt swirls and falls down from the hips is so beautiful, everytime I look at the pieces that I bought at T2 (which is now basically half of my wardrobe, at least!) I just think 'DAMN that's perfect!'. They're having a sale again this week and this saturday everything will go at 3 euro. So shopshopshop, even the boyfriend wants to go.:-D

After the shopping we'll probably have a little big lunch at 'Kaiseki', an all you can eat japanese restaurant. I love me some food but the japanese food is definitely my favorite. Sushi is my all time favorite food. Strong, pure flavors, interesting textures and actually pretty simple food, I can't get enough! The first time we went there we were completely shocked at how fast your food arrives, how cheap it is for the quality of food you get and how YUMMY the food is! I sure am gonna eat all I can! :-D

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