maandag 15 augustus 2011

Come sail away with me

This outfit is terribly uncolorful for my taste, isn’t it? I still love it though! The top is amazing and I feel most comfortable wearing this top with something simple like a black legging. Since the volume is up top too I feel better having the bottom volumeless. Though I can’t claim I don’t have enough volume bottom wise,WINK WINK. :-D

Well, our shopping spree last saturday went glorious! I will make a post with ALL the things me and my boy bought because his new stuff is pretty fashionable too, our new wintercoats even match :-D. But that'll be tonight, I think.  I can say that he bought 3 or 4 leather jackets for 3 euro a piece.

Yeah, that's freaking insane, I know! I don't have a reason to go shopping in any other stores anymore (except for shoes and accesories) because T2 has this sale every single month. If I can get beautiful stuff for 3-5 euro a piece instead of 20 euro than I sure as hell will! My boyfriend used to hate shopping because of the overwhelming big ass stores like H&M, he could never find his way through the store but now that I brought him to the vintage store he actually WANTS to go shopping and he enjoys it! Hallelujah! :-D

And the best part is: there are THREE T2 stores in Antwerp, no more that 2 kilometers or so apart! All the same sales, other types and styles of clothing but all awesome! Another good thing about this is that we're re-using clothes instead of buying new stuff, so it's good for the environment too! Here's my outfit for the day, the top was bought at Think Twice, of course! And my boyfriend was being a sweetheart and made me a Triforce sandwich! Aww!

While I was taking pictures I noticed this tiny little broken egg, in light blue! So magical and beautiful, I wonder what kind of bird came out of this pretty little egg!

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  1. Regarding the egg: I don't know what it's called in English but in dutch it's "zanglijster". I used to think that fairies came out of blue eggs.