dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

The kids are alright

Imma start posting my outfits on blogspot too! Hope I can keep it up to post it on here AND chictopia but I'll do my best. First: mah art!:

Ah, so proud! I took some pictures of one of the cutest kids I've ever seen but her mom didn't want them on my blog so alas no cigar! My nature pictures and mister toad are good too, right? :-D I was watering the flowers and BOING, a little toad hops out of the flowers. Scared the shit outta me but it didn't take long for me to realise I had to run inside and get my camera because mister toad is a pretty one! He changed his angle a little for me when I started taking pictures which was really sweet of him. When he had enough, he hopped away. Too bad, I could've taken some shots of his back too if he stayed. But oh well, I got some nice ones of his little toadface! Apart from those, I particularly like the pictures with the white and yellow flowers. It strikes me as an ultimate summer shot. Warm colors, flowers, movement, depth, all kinds of plants wildly growing together, love! Here's a batch of pictures and I'll post my outfit for today a little later! Have a lovely day!

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  1. Wonderful photos... Especially the water drops on the rose! Thanks to you I've got a new wallpaper now ;)