vrijdag 30 september 2011

Trip to the U.K. Day two: pictures of Canterbury

Here they are, the last pictures of my trip to England. It was something different, photography wise. My love lies with macrophotography but on my trip I got the chance to try my talents elsewhere, architectural photography! Normally, I just shy away from it, not because I don't like it but it doesn't speak to my "heart" as much as nature does. You have to focus on different kinds of things when you're 'working' with buildings. One of the things I hate when looking at pictures of buildings is lack of... straightness in the picture. Especially when you have really high collumns or towers I really want to have it aligned. Not so much all straight in the picture but I hate it when say, you take a picture of a window with tiny spaces of wall on the sides of them, I really really want the walls to be equally wide on the sides. If not, I can get really cranky. :-D I just spent 5 minutes trying to crop my picture to perfection. Sometimes perfection isn't planning on knocking on your door. Oh well, I had loads of fun taking the pictures and it was good to try something 'new'. And, now that I did try it, I've come to love it.
I'm not really a church kind of gal, at all, but I do appreciate the architecture and the art that lies withing the building. I hope you enjoy my pictures. :-)

the "gate" to the cathedral
inside the gate
And here comes the Canterbury Cathedral!
Here come the inside pictures.
When I'm inside a church I immediately think of the Disney movie 'The Hunchback of the Notre Dame', in particular the scene where Esmeralda is singing 'god help the outcasts'. I'm not religious and I never was but I still love that song. That movie is a little too grown up for kids when you really think about it though, especially Frollo lusting after Esmeralda. Dayum, I read the actual book and that shit ain't kiddy material I can tell you that. I loved the book nonetheless, especially the 'closing' of the book. I'm not going to place it here because of spoilers but it's beautiful and so sad. Of course there are those who say that the Disney movie is a monstrosity compared to the book but I still love the movie and we can all use a little happy ending from time to time, no? I just kinda think it's bullshit that Esmeralda went with Phoebus. Let's be honest here, he's not all that handsome and he hasn't done nearly as much for her as Quasimodo. I love all the songs in that movie. 'Out there', 'A guy like you', the creepy ass Frollo song, all of them are gorgeous. I miss the old Disney. The lovely thing about those old movies is that, when you're a kid, you just see an awesome movie with cool characters and beautiful songs that you wanna sing a long to but when you grow up you see different things in the story. Much like with the Miyazaki and Takahata movies, which I want to marry. :-D
Anywho, more pictures!
The only lady in the building. I had to give her some extra credit. Next to the bazillion men burried in this very cathedral, this was the only lady spoken of besides of course Momma Jesus.
Talking about overdoing it...
This was my favorite subject in the whole building. The lighting was amazing, the lines are perfect, it was just love at first sight.
this was outside in the ehr, courtyard? :-D
The garden was absolutely gorgeous.
back inside:
and of course, the place where Thomas Beckett was murdered: (the lighting was horrible)
The artwork is fitting. And one can't go inside a church/cathedral without taking a picture of the beautiful stained glass!

And that's it! I'll end the post with a picture of a dude playing 'when I'm 64' on a banjo. LIKE A BAWS.

dinsdag 27 september 2011

Trip to the U.K. Day one: pictures of Dover

Here they are, my English countryside pictures! And of course some from on the boat, I'll split my England pictures in two: one post for Dover and one post for Canterbury. Enjoy!

my love on the boat!
Also, these people have a freaking wigwam in their yard. 
flowers and bushes on the cliffs.
Dover castle, baby!
Gawww poor lonely horsey!
Now the next batch was taken while in the car so they might be a little blurry.
this one reminds me of 'The Straight Story', gorgeous movie.
Gaah, there they are! Tune in next time for some more lovely pictures!