vrijdag 9 september 2011

Sea and Sand: part deux

Here's part two of my little afternoon at the beach. Sorry it took so long but events from the past week had me tangeled up. Now I feel a little better, thanks to the wonderful world of medicine. My dad had a stroke last week, a pretty bad one. His speech was pretty much gone and his right arm and leg are paralyzed. While his speech is already getting way better, he's still partly paralyzed. I'm just really grateful that the hospital he's in is taking care of him so wonderfully, he has the most amazing nurses and doctors looking out for him and I'm so very happy about that. I haven't been feeling up to writing but now I'm starting to feel like it again, so here I am. More sea and sand pictures coming up!

 This seagull was totally hanging out with us, walking along the shore with us with his tiny feet in the water. So cute!
Poor ol' mister crabs wasn't among us anymore but he's still beautiful!
I thought this was incredibly beautiful when I noticed it in the sand. It looks like artwork of a jellyfish, right? It actually is a jellyfish, implanted in the sand. It reminds me of this haiku my sister used to love, something about a jellyfish and the milkyway or galaxy. Gah, even google can't help me out! I hate it when you kinda know something but not entirely but it's kind of on the tip of your tongue but just not enough.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy my pictures!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. echt prachtige foto's, en ik kan de afbeelding met de haiku ook niet meer vinden :( hij was zo mooi!

  2. Opnieuw zeer mooie foto's... Veel beterschap voor je paps gewenst!

  3. Hope your Dad get's better soon! My Dad had a stroke too, half a year ago, but fortunately it wasn't as bad as in this case. His speech got better in a few days and he wasn't paralyzed anymore. It "just" was a preinfarction and since he's taking meds it didn't come again.
    As already said, hope he gets well!

    And your photographs are amazing as usual! Especially love the seagull-photo, my favourite ;)

  4. Oh I do hope your fathers health is on the mend now. That must be very frightening for both him and everyone close to him.

  5. Here is part 2 of my tiny afternoon by the pool. I'm sorry it had taken so long however occasions from the earlier week acquired us tangeled way up. Currently I feel a little better, due 外贸SEOto the amazing realm of medicine. Dad stood a cerebrovascular accident last week, a reasonably undesirable a single. Their talk was just about removed and the proper supply as well as leg tend to be disabled. Whilst his presentation is already obtaining way better, he is 英文SEO still partially paralyzed. I am just just truly thankful that the healthcare facility he has was caring for him or her thus beautifully, he's got the most amazing nursing staff along with doctors taking care of him and i am so happy about this. I have never been recently feeling around composing but now I am just beginning 雨飞 to want to again, here I will be. More ocean and also fine sand photographs coming up!