maandag 29 augustus 2011

Sea and Sand

Me and my boy went to the beach last weekend. While the weather wasn't really beachweather (by which I mean sunbathing, having fun in the sea and reading a nice book in the sun), it was pretty cloudy and a little cold but we still had a lovely time and I took some amazing photo's, if I may say so myself! After taking pictures we went to a little restaurant by the seaside and had some salad, french fries and croquettes. For those of you who don't know what the hell those are, they're pretty common and a typical dutch food here. It's a fried food roll, containing mashed potatoes or minced meat or both. If it's done well, I love it! Especially after a couple of hours in the cold. While the weather wasn't perfect for some romantic beach time I had a wonderful time with my boyfriend and I'm so glad that the weather didn't spoil our afternoon! Now for the pictures!:

My piece de resistance:
So proud!
I think I will post my pictures in two posts because I still have quite a lot and the pictures might sink in better if there's not a shitload of them in one batch. :-D I'm savind some awesome pictures for the next post, trust me!
Thank you!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. heel mooie foto's!! die van het zand zijn super

  2. Super die foto's! De donkere is wel geslaagd! Neem je die met een macro lens die close ups van schelpjes en zand? Groetjes

  3. Yep, de foto's van de schelpjes en het zand zijn allemaal met een macro lens genomen, voor de rest heb ik afgewisseld met m'n zoomlens en kitlens. Dankjulliewel!

  4. These photos are beautiful, I love the macro shots.

  5. Amazing shots, girl. I wish I lived near a beach, it looks so peaceful in those pictures and the weather looks ideal (I'm not a summer person) those croquettes don't sound half bad :).

  6. Me personally along with my own young man visited the actual beach a week ago. While the climate had not been genuinely beachweather (where After all laying in the sun, having a great time inside the marine and also looking at a good publication under the sun), it was rather non-sunny as well as a tiny frosty however we nonetheless stood a wonderful some time and My spouse and i got a few wonderful images, basically might say so personally! Soon after taking photos all of us went along to a little cafe by the beach front together a number of salad, chips as well as croquettes. For anybody that do not know very well what the actual heck 外贸SEO these are usually, they are rather common as well as a typical dutch food right here. It's really a toast foods roll, made up of mashed taters or even chopped beef or even each. If it's carried out effectively, I like that! Specially soon after hours inside chilly. Whilst the 雨飞temperature has not been great for a number of affectionate beach period I'd a wonderful period usin 英文SEO my sweetheart and i am consequently glad that the weather didn't pamper each of our afternoon! Now for the photos!: