donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Stripe and dotting tools + outfit

YEAH when I came home I found this lovely package in my mailbox! My secondhand nailart set! Including lots of awesome colors, thin brushes and a dotting tool! Check out the yummy colors!

(my cat totally photobombed my nailpolish a couple of times! The attentionwhore! :-D)
(I got the essence nailart with it too, and the light blue orly polish)
This is just awesome. If you hold the bottle upside down with the dotter on your nail, you can squeeze the bottle lightly and the most perfect little dots will show up out of the dotter! I'm so happy with this, I'm sure I'll be able to make the best nailart ever! Also, it came in this super cute Catrice make up bag:
I strongly recommend the girl that sold me these polishes. She's really sweet, makes awesome nailart and the packaging was done very neatly! Go check out her blog:

Now, for my outfit!
The blouse used to have long sleeves but I have trouble with the cut of blouses. When it comes to the waist area I can easily fit into a size 10 or 8 but when it comes to shoulders/boobs/upper arms, I really need a 12. Of course, when I buy my tops at freaking T2 everything fits like a glove but I bought this one at an online shop because I loved the print so much. I still do and the sleeves were just a bit too uncomfortable. So snippety snip and I have a super cute sleeveless blouse!

It looks very nice with all my skirts and I love the look of a sleeveless shirt on a cutoff jeans. It has this kind of sixties housewife/Rock n' roll fan vibe. I used to be really scared to get a little DIY with my clothes because of the chances that I might screw up a perfectly good piece of clothing. Now, I just think 'well, there will be other clothes if this goes wrong.'. Plus, chances are I wouldn't wear it anyways because of the uncomfortableness (?) so I might as well take the chance. I'm glad I did!

My nails look better in real life. :-D As everything always does!

Now that I have my ULTRA professional nailart stuff I'm gonna be thinking of something super cool to put on my nails for my brother and sister in law's 'late wedding reception' I guess you could call it. :-D I bought these beautiful orange reddish peacockfeather print earrings and I'll be wearing a light blue ish dress so I'm gonna do a funky orange nail with it, I think. I first thought of doing something with blue and purple but that's a little boring for my taste if I'm already wearing something blue. It's much more fun to be a little overdressed than underdressed so I'll go all out!

Song of the day:
Roger Daltrey - Days of Light
I really need to check out his solo stuff. I love this kind of music. I love Roger. I'll shut up now before I go on one of my "OMG I wanna marry Roger and The Who because.." rants. Seriously though, I can't freaking believe he's 67. He's the evidence that people don't have to get ugly and inactive when aging. I hope he'll keep touring and singing until the day he dies, which will be when he will turn 254 because that's the earliest that I MIGHT allow him to die. :-D

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  1. superflattering outfit miem! ik ben GEK op mouwloze bloezen, heel casual en comfy (heeeel luchtig) maar toch retro en chique! Je moet voor van de winter eens van die seventies jeans met hoge taille en uitlopende pijpen zien te vinden, zou je super staan.

    EN ik heb al zin in daaf's feestje!