maandag 8 augustus 2011

A nice day for a White Wedding

Last saturday my brother and his wife had a party to celebrate their marriage.

They got married in Las Vegas in January, which is awfully romantic of course, but that way nobody could be with them when they tied the knot except for my oldest brother who lives in the U.S. with his family.
So luckily they decided to throw a little party to make their family and friends happy! It was a lovely day at a beautiful location and everyone was happy.
Chickens running around, the BBQ was... BBQing(?), green, trees and flowers all around, perfect! My brother and sister in law asked me to take my camera with me to take a few pictures during the day so I thought that I could share my best shots with the interwebz! And of course the outfit I wore during the day.

(me and my man)
and a picture of me in action!
My newest nail art! Thanks to the striping and dotting!
Now the pictures I took:
A portrait of my big sis and her boyfriend
The very charming boyfriend of my sister
The very charming big sister
My own lovely man!
My sister and her boyfriend sneaking away
My brother and our dad
My beautiful sister in law
I'm extremely happy with this picture. It's super romantic and sweet.
As is this one!
The super cute daughter of a friend of the bride and groom.
A very stylish friend of the bride and groom.
A very happy brother!
A very happy couple.
Now some pictures of the place where they had the party:

This is the lovely leg of my sister in law, I got her a blue garter belt as a little silly present.
I had the whole 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' in my head so this was already something new and blue. Convenient, no? :-D

I think the pictures turned out really well and it was a great day.

Congrats again to my bro and sis in law!

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  1. What a lovely happy day :) I love love your nail art! The butterflies are cute and the color scheme reminds me of fabric from India!