vrijdag 12 augustus 2011


Bleh, I'm not feeling very well today. Not really sick or anything but mostly tired, uncomfortable, not hungry and a little nauseous. Hard to explain, I mostly just didn't get enough sleep last night because it was really hot in my bedroom and I really need my sleep. I actually sleep better when my room is a little colder than when it's 'roomtemperature' or warmer. I'm hoping that I'll feel better tomorrow so I can have a fun day out with my boyfriend and have some yummy food!

A couple of nights ago I saw 'Funny Girl' on youtube, yay for youtube! I don't love it as much as 'The west side story' or 'Phantom of the opera' but the music was stunning and Barbra Streisand was really cute and a damn fine singer. I really love the romance in these older musicals. It's all so soft and sweet, instead of having boobs and sex thrown in your face, it's a very nice change. I'm not a prude and I have no problem with nudity but sometimes I just think 'yawn, another boob'. It's okay to sometimes leave a little to the imagination. Nudity is fine as long as it serves a purpose, just like with violence, action, explosions, ... anything that you use in a movie, and your intention is to make a good movie, should have a purpose and/or have a meaning. I love the hypocrisy in a lot of American films, you can zoom in on an ass and boobs and have a girl in a movie for solely the sex she can provide for the protagonist and as a nice thing to look at but you HAVE to bleep out 'shit' and 'fuck'.

ANYWAYS, I rather liked the romance in 'Funny Girl'. While it was soft and sweet, the relationship that she and her man had wasn't overly romanticised. (I am aware that the movie is a biography) I loved the ending and the last song is very powerful. I encourage you to take a listen to a couple of songs I'll post here.

Barbra Streisand - My Man

Barbra Streisand - People

(I would put up the actual video's but youtube is mucking things up, when I try to find the video that matches the link it'll throw some random video at me)

This outfit is from a week ago already, when the weather was almost summer like for a couple of hours. We've had the shittiest weather since the second week of june or so. It confuses me a little, it's not actually cold but you can't call it hot either. It's weird to dress for weather like this, especially when you're going out and you have to keep in mind that it might rain, it might cool off, it might get really sunny and hot suddenly... make up yo mind already, weather!

The shirt used to be this kind of brown-beige color but I really didn't like it so I dyed it! I kinda love the fact that the knitting in the back stayed the same color but the rest turned blue.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Toffe kleuren! Passen ook goed bij je haar! Goed gezien :) Ik ben het ermee eens dat seks en naaktheid wat subtieler mogen vertoond worden nu en dan... Fantasie moet ook nog wat meespelen hé!

  2. That outfit is fantastic with your hair!! :)

  3. Thank you so much @ summertime dreams, one of the millions of upsides on having colorful hair is that a lot of things match perfectly with my hair or that it just looks awesome with eachother.

    En dankjewel, Josie! Fantasie is voor mij altijd net wat interessanter dan het letterlijk te laten zien, zo kan iedereen er zijn eigen smaak en preference aan toepassen. Of het nu subtiel of euh, rauw is. :-D

  4. ben geweldige fan van je haar! zo een mooie kleuren, had het al op een foto gezien van Annabeth! vraagje: hoe lang blijven de kleuren mooi?? de kleuren zijn zo geweldig met dat fantastisch mooie kleedje, super fan van de print!