zondag 7 oktober 2012

Imitation of life

Long time no post! I will be posting more regularly on this blog now, since I started my photography course and I'm forced to take pictures at least once a week. I've been having the greatest time and am thoroughly enjoying the assignments. This weeks assignment is "still life" and I wanted to share some pictures! Let me know which one is your favorite! It was quite a challenge for me, as I'm more of a nature photographer. I  capture things as they are most of the time, so really creating a complete picture was a little more difficult but also a lot of fun! It keeps me thinking outside of the box.

Thank you!

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  2. Beautiful shots! I'm loving that second lipstick one!

  3. These are just gorgeous so rich and yummy. I love the flowers and nail polishes kissing!

  4. you're such a great photographer - my favorites are the all of the flower photos! and the one where the nail polish paints "beauty" is so pretty.

  5. Nice Post,I wanna see More of It,Please Keep them Coming! (^_^)

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  6. Lovely shots, I love the second photo of the lipsticks! But I do get what you mean, it is harder to take photos of things when you have to arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing position first.

  7. amazing, these are journalism ready :)