woensdag 8 december 2010

Winter love

Oh, I do love ice and snow.
It makes the world look like a fairytale, quiet and still.
Especially when the sky is bright blue and the ground is covered in a thick, white blanket.
On days like that, I have this undescribable feeling.
I get up early, peek through the curtains and see this beautiful landscape, I'm so happy! I put on my warmest winterclothes and just go outside and start taking pictures.
On that precise moment, looking through my camera, clicking away, I feel happy.
Just.. simply happy.

Tomorrow's my birthday and tonight me and my boyfriend are gonna make a big ass chocolate cake, can't wait :-D. I kinda hoped it'd snow on my birthday BUT NO, it's gonna rain. Rain sucks. Ah well, here's some pictures, I'm very proud of them!

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