dinsdag 29 maart 2011

I'll miss you forever

I've had a horrible couple of days.

Last friday we found my furry red companion, my sweetest pet, by the side of the road.
We went looking for her after two days of seeing nothing of her. I wasn't worried at all, with cats it's not unheard of that they travel a little and that they just pop up after a couple of days, maybe a week.
My boyfriend didn't feel comfortable with just waiting around so we called her name, walked around the neighborhood and didn't find her. It's absolutely horrible to think that just seconds before we found her lifeless body on the grass, I said to my boyfriend "well, at least she's not on the road, run over.".

Fuck. I can't believe she's gone.
I know a lot of people would probably laugh at us for being so fond of a pet but I see the cats and dogs that live with us as part of our family.
We might be a little bit missmatched but we love each other. So I dedicate my post to Poes, our dearly departed cat. We've only had her by our side for a year and a half.
She came to us as a skinny, small stray cat. She was really undernourished, I could feel her spine and ribs the first time she let me pet her. It took a little while before she completely trusted us but before we knew it, she was lying in the sun with us, sleeping, purring, so peaceful and content.

I'm so grateful that we took her in, if we didn't she would've probably died a lot sooner. She gave us six beautiful kittens, we kept three of them. So she still lives a little, through her babies. I'll never forget you, sweet, beautiful Poes. I'll always love you. Thank you for the wonderful times, even if it was cut short. Thank you for the fantastic little kitties you gave birth to, you were a wonderful parent. Thank you. These are the last pictures I took of her, last weeks tuesday. It breaks my heart.

Here's two pictures of her with her litter:

I just... can't believe she's gone.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. prachtige foto's. Het is helemaal niet stom om hier zo hard door geraakt te zijn; je ziet zo'n dier graag, en het is verschrikkelijk om het dan ineens zo "verkracht" en kapot en dood te zien liggen. Echt een huls van wat het ooit was, je ziet dat het dier er eigenlijk al niet meer is. Dat voelt zo ontzettend fout. Echt kut. Jullie wonen echt op een kutplek voor katten, ze worden allemaal na iets meer dan een jaar doodgereden...

  2. Ik laat onze kleintjes ook niet zomaar buiten. Als ik ze mee naar buiten wil nemen ga ik ze eerst een tuigje en leiband aandoen. Het idee is een beetje gek maar als ze naar buiten gaan zal het met volle controle zijn. Het is zo vreselijk om die foto's te zien, terug te denken aan dat ze een week geleden gewoon nog rondhobbelde. Ze was zo lief. Dankjewel.

  3. Oh no! I know how you feel, the cats I have had throughout my life have all been dear friends. How sad that such a beautiful, chubby, cuddly, goofy, sweet sweet kitty was gone before her time. She definitely gave you the best present possible though. What darling little kittens!
    Your photos, so clear and bright, capture them and bring them all to life far away on the other side of the ocean :)