woensdag 23 maart 2011

Ah, there you are!

Sweet spring!
I've been taking LOADS of pictures lately, thanks to the wonderful weather.
Yesterday I actually rolled in the grass (it was a subtle, quiet way to change the angle to take a new pictureof my cat) and I loved the feeling of the warm grass against my skin.
My cat is always very happy when she sees me coming outside. She stays beside me the entire day, it's such a wonderful thing to have. A soft, furry red companion that loves you very much (but even more if you put your book down and scratch her back :-D).
It's hilarious and a little annoying sometimes, everytime I try to read a book when I'm outside she jumps on my book and starts rolling violently until I put the book away and give her some attention.

I used to be more of a dog person but I've grown to love cats just as much. The one male cat we have always drinks from the faucet, steals sponges and towels and he always wants to come to the bathroom with me. He's a weirdo but I love him to death. ANYHOO, pictures now!:

(the next one isn't actually one of my cats but he's more or less my oldest cat's boyfriend)
The next pictures are of my brother and his wife, they just got married two months or so ago!
I personally think they're a really beautiful couple. Now my cousin:


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