zondag 16 oktober 2011

Snail rider

Remember 'The Neverending Story'? Yeah, that's the reason I have a strange love for snails. Not the big ass naked snails (though I don't mind those) but the ones with the little house really fascinate me. Everytime I find a little snailhouse anywhere I run to go get my camera and I sit with the snail until it comes out. I just think they're so beautiful in a weird way. The texture of their skin, the little antennae, the beautiful shells they have. I used to hate bugs and everything small and crawly but since I became serious about photography I don't instantely think 'EWWW BUGS!', I just instantely think 'WHERE MY CAMERA AT'. :-D Now, excuse me for my enormous ego but I think I got some pretty nice shots! I'm so content about my photography. I know that I'm not perfect but I also notice that I'm getting better and better and there's almost no better feeling in the world than to realise that the thing that you love the most is really progressing! I'm very proud of myself. Hope you enjoy my pictures!

I'm naming him/her Noodle.
And one sweet shot of the pretty sky:

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  1. I really enjoy your photos, I think it's very difficult to take a decent picture of something so small. Well, the good thing about taking pictures of snails may be, that a snail can't go away so fast :D
    I love the close up ones with background blur effect most!

  2. You're so talented, dear! I love all these photos and the last one is amazing!
    I also like snails with house- they're so cute when they move their feelers! But I don't like those naked ones...blah!

  3. amazing photos! you're so talented. i really love visiting your blog and just looking at all the amazing images...

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