vrijdag 18 november 2011

Bugs and Leaves

The last pictures of this fall, probably! It has been freezing a little a couple of nights this week so I'm thinking it won't be too long before winter will break through. So here I am to warm up your days with some lovely colors and creepy crawlers! :-D

(I saved this little lady, by the way! She was stuck in the spiderweb so I broke the web and she flew away. I feel so good after helping little beasties in need, whether it's a kitty or a snail or a lady bug.)
Now he's crawling up the waaaaaaaaaaaall... black and hairy, very smaaaaaaaaaaaaaall... BORIS THE... Ladybug? :-D I'm all for unisex names, yo.
I'm going to buy myself a little present next month, for my birthday. A wide angle lens!!!! I WANTS IT. After that lens... I have everything I need, lens wise! I'd love to have a wide angle lens to take pictures of lovely wintery landscapes this winter. It should be possible next month and I can't wait!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. je foto's zijn adembenemend. die met het lieveheersbeestje in het web... zeer sterk! (shana)

  2. hey! amazing photography with attention to detail! i followed both of your blogs! xo Ola


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