maandag 8 november 2010

Some information and a prettier blog


I got a question from a reader (sounds fancy eh?) on what kind of equipment I use and I guess it's a good idea to just give a little bit of info about my camera.
The body is a Canon EOS 450, it's small but it fits in my hands perfectly, I love it and I dread the day I'll need a bigger one. And I have two lenses.
One kitlens I got with the body (18-55mm) and a zoomlens (70-200mm). Both with stabiliser and I have a tripod too.
That's all I've got so far, I'm hoping to save up enough money soon to buy a macrolens.
It's been a small dream of mine to get a macrolens ever since I started getting into photography.
After that I'd like a wide angle lens. Maybe some 'small' stuff like filters and an external flash, but I don't need that real bad.

I uploaded 18 pictures on flickr and my monthly capacity is full :-(. I'm gonna make another account on my boyfriends name so I can upload some more. I really don't want to resize my pictures, I'm already not that keen on JPEG quality.
I also just found out that a couple of pictures I already put on my blog were taken without stabiliser, I'm such a doofus :-D. It's probably a good idea that show which ones are taken without stabiliser.

Anyway, more pictures! (2nd and 4th without stabiliser)

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  1. als ik jou was zou ik gewoon voor die premium account gaan op flickr, heb je dan geen unlimited uploading? Zo duur is het niet, en flickr is echt wel een van de beste sites die er zijn als het aankomt op het bewaren van de kwaliteit van je foto's.

  2. hier dus :)