maandag 9 mei 2011

A day at the park

What's better than the sun on your face, your significant other holding your hand and the sound of laughing children in the background?

I absolutely love taking pictures of children playing around, they don't give a damn if they look "fat" in a picture or not.
When it comes to finding a good model, a carefree, confident person is the best. And that's exactly what kids are. Up 'til a certain point... after that point you begin to notice the effect society has on the kids.

I just saw it in the park, two girls and two boys were playing together. There were these newly born ducklings and the boys started talking about throwing stuff at them.

I swear to the almighty spaghetti monster, if they would've even picked up a stick to throw at the animals I would've had a talk with them and their parents. Isn't that one of the most important things to teach your children? Respect those around you, whether if it's a duck or an old lady? I know that kids just sometimes do whatever the hell they want but this lack of respect towards animals really annoys me. You have to teach a kid that it's not okay to treat an animal like a toy. Luckily, most animals can fend for themselves but still. These kids weren't even that young anymore. I understand that you might think a cat or a dog is a toy when you're three but when you're eight you should know a little better.

Anyway, the point I was making is that the boys were trying to impress the girls, jumping off of hills, talking 'tough' and lifting stuff up to show how fit they were. And the girls started giggling and kept calling the boys over to "fetch them a baby duck". I could be over-analyzing here but to me that was already a hint of a cliched man-woman relationship. Those kids weren't even 10. It fascinates and annoys  me.

Anyways, pictures:
(dood whatchoo lookin' at? fiercest peacock ever)
cute kids section:
(best timing ever btw! Not to toot my own horn but still...)
flowers and stuff:
Blogspot is being weird, it doesn't want to upload any more pictures so I'll just make a different post.

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  1. Indeed, we parents are the ones responsible for teaching our children about good manners and right conduct. BTW, you've got a talent in photography. The pic of that 'lil girl on the slide is just perfect.

    Walter Tully